5-4 vote in SCOTUS that oaths must be taken on the Bible.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules 5-4: Oaths Not Taken on Bibles Illegal

The Supreme Court split in the typical way we can get used to it splitting this morning in a 5-4 decision to nullify Congressional Oaths taken on the Quran and other mythical texts. According to Chief Justice Roberts, the law is clear. He wrote in his opinion:

“Article 3 of the US Constitution describes the formation, election and oath taking process specifically, with the right hand to God and the left on the Holy Scripture. Because the writers and signers of that document were Christians of the 18th Century, we can deduce very simply that they were Christians and that Christian references should be taken literally. God is in the Constitution three more times than George Washington and twice more than Benjamin Franklin.

The ruling is that if the newly-elected do not take their proper oaths to a proper God, they won’t have any authority to vote for their constituents, who may want to consider impeaching and replacing them.”


A person can take the oath on anything they believe in.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

Though I personally would use the Bible as I'm Christian, but I would consider it unconstitutional to force people of different faiths to pledge allegiance to one religion only.

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Oh Yeah: Happy New Year


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